How to Start a Club or Society


Start a Club or Society

Can’t find the Club or Society for you? Have a hobby or an interest that you’d like to share? Never fear – you can start up your own!

You’ll meet great friends, get a bit of a break from your university work, and most importantly you’ll have an absolute blast! And the icing on the cake - you’ll develop your team working and leadership skills and you can even get rewarded for the work you put in with a Queen’s Degree Plus accreditation!

How it Works!

Step 1 - Give us a shout

Fabulous news. We love it when you want to start new Clubs or Societies.

You can get the ball rolling any time of the day or night and it’s easy.

All you have to do is:

  • Decide what Club or Society you would like to start
  • Check out our list of Clubs and Societies to make sure it doesn’t already exist

If not,

  • Pick an epic name
  • Fill out our easy peasy form and we'll give you a shout

If you fancy getting ahead of the game, browse our next steps.  Don't worry though, we will be in touch to help you get started.  It's easy!

Step 2 - Find some members

Pull together:

  • Your name and student number and a friend’s name and student number who supports the setting up of your Club or Society
  • A list of another 15 fellow students, along with their student numbers, that want to join your Club or Society

Step 3 - Draft a Constitution

Complete a draft Constitution along with a Development Plan outlining your plans for the Club or Society for its first year of existence. Don't forget, we can help you. 

If you would like to find out more or make a head start, check out our support section for all the details.

Step 4 - Send us all your stuff

Submit all the information above to your Clubs & Societies Support Officer.   Don't worry,we will keep you right.

Step 5 - Student Council

The Clubs & Societies Support Officer will send you an invite by email to the next available Student Council meeting so that your proposed Club or Society can be ratified (that means approved). Check out the Students’ Union Council schedule right here.

I want to know more about Student Council!

Step 6 - Pitch your idea

Rock up at Students’ Union Council to pitch your idea.

You might get asked a few questions about what your Club or Society hopes to achieve and your plans for the year. Don't worry - it's easy AND there's free Domino's Pizza!

Step 7 - The Vote!

Student Council will vote. If you get the seal of approval that means you’re official.

Step 8 - Managing your money

We will put you in touch with the Clubs & Societies Finance Office who will manage your money for you.

Step 9 - Your official email address

The Clubs & Societies Support Officer will provide you with an official email address. Don’t forget to use it for all your Clubs & Societies communications and make sure you check it on a regular basis - you may get requests from new recruits or miss out on important stuff!  

Step 10 - The Benefits

As an official Club & Society you have access to heaps of benefits such as:

  • The use of Queen’s name for your Club or Society
  • Free hire of the Students’ Union Club Rooms for meeting and events
  • Access and support to set up a free website, blog, and social media account
  • Book a bar in the Students' Union for free*
  • Get a free stall at Freshers’ and Refreshers' Fair

Check out our support section for all the bizz

The Clubs & Societies Support Officer is here to help. If you have a question, just ask! 

*Bunatee and Bar Sub are free. Mandela Hall and The Speakeasy are available at a hire cost.

Alice Devlin

Clubs & Societies Coordinator

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address icon Second Floor
Students' Union


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