Finance Office


Finance Office

All Clubs & Societies will have finances – whether you’re a lucky duck who has received a grant or you’ve had a fantastic fundraiser in the Mandela Hall, we’re here to help you look after them.

All Clubs & Society's money will be managed by the Finance Office in your Students’ Union. All financial transactions must go through the Clubs & Societies Finance Office.

You can download the guidelines for the Clubs and Societies Finance office > Clubs and Societies Finance Guidelines

If you are a Committee member of a Club or Society you may need to become a signatory. This means you must sign off any spend. You’ll need to fill in the Executive Committee Signatory Form online and then pop in and say hello to Lesley and Nuala in the Clubs & Societies Finance Office. Lesley and Nuala are here to help you with general enquiries, financial claims, and depositing, and withdrawing cash.

Handy Directions

You can find them on the 2nd floor of your Students’ Union. Turn right when you come out of the lift, then left, and walk right down to the end of the corridor. The Finance Office is opposite the kitchen.

Spending Money

If you want to buy something, all you have to do is:

  • Make sure you have the money in your Clubs & Society account to pay for it
  • Check out the guidelines here before you complete the Transaction Authorisation Form
  • Fill out a Transaction Authorisation Form and take it to the Clubs & Societies Finance Office. The Finance Team will add all the financial codes and authorise your purchase. You can download the form below

The Clubs & Societies Finance Office are here to help. If you have a question, just ask! 

Transaction Authorisation Form