Posters & Flyers


Posters & Flyers

If you’d like to display posters or flyers in the Students’ Union, you can. Just give us a shout. 

All you have to do is get in touch with the Marketing Manager who will review and approve your poster artwork.

You can either: 

  • Pop into the marketing office on the second floor - opposite the Snackbar 

Once you have received the green light, simply:

  • Head down to Reception
  • Ask them to stamp the back of your posters
  • Pop them up on the white wall at the back of your Union opposite Santander.  Easy!

We do ask that you only put up a maximum of five posters – we need to leave space for other Clubs & Societies! If you’d like to leave some flyers you can leave up to 100 a week. 

Logo Alert

Don’t forget, do not use the Students’ Union logo in your artwork. 

If you would like to use the Queen’s logo you must seek permission from the Queen’s University Marketing Manager.