Become a Student Officer

Become a Student Officer

Every year, Student Officers are elected to represent the 23,000+ students at Queen’s and to lead the Union.

Student Officers help and represent Queen's students and their views, organise campaigns to make the changes studnets want to happen and run the Union on their behalf.

They each have a different role to play...

Students' Union President

  • Represents your views on campus and beyond
  • Identifies priority issues for students
  • Co-ordinates the activities of the Union
  • Gives advice if you want to join or start a campaign

Role Description - President

Student Officer Activities

  • Organises a range of events in the Union
  • Creates a community spirit among the students at Queen’s
  • Helps you get involved in Volunteering, Enterprise and Clubs & Societies
  • Supports Clubs & Societies through training, funding and advice

Role Description - Activities

Student Officer Education

  • Represents your interests relating to your academic studies
  • Helps with any academic problems you might have
  • Works with your School/Course Reps to ensure that you have a say about your education

Role Description - Education

Student Officer Equality & Diversity

  • Makes sure every student at Queen’s is treated equally and fairly
  • Supports events that promote diversity and greater cultural understanding

Role Description - Equality & Diversity

Student Officer Welfare

  • Represents your interests relating to your welfare
  • Helps you with any welfare problems like your general wellbeing, mental and sexual health, housing and safety
  • Promotes wellbeing campaigns on campus

Role Description - Welfare

Student Officer Postgraduate

  • Represents postgraduate students’ interests in relation to their academic studies
  • Runs campaigns to improve the academic, social and wider student experience of postgraduate students
  • Works with student representatives to ensure the views of postgraduate students are heard
  • Helps to get more postgraduate students involved with the Students’ Union

Role Description - Postgraduate

Nominations open in February. Please feel free to contact the Student Voice Team who can advise you in confidence.