Management Board


Management Board

Apart from Student Council, Management Board is the most powerful Committee in your Students’ Union.  Management Board meets on five or six occasions each year and reports to Student Council.

Management Board has responsibility for the operation and management of your Union on behalf of Council. In a nutshell, it:

  • Bursts into action when asked to do something by Council
  • Oversees the commercial, support services, and finances of your Union
  • Is responsible for the staffing structure of your Union
  • Manages the maintenance of your Union building
  • Manages the long term strategic planning of your Union
  • Oversees the implementation of your Union’s Plan of Work for the academic year
  • Makes sure that your Union is working properly
  • Prepares and plans for the future

Management Board is made up of ten elected Student Representatives, one member of staff each from your Union and the University, and three external (non-voting) members who provide advice and expertise. 

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