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Support to Continue Study - Return to Study Process

If you have been required to take some time out of university due to health, wellbeing or other issues relating to your studies, you may be unsure what happens regarding your return.

Any student who is part of a Support to Continue in Study process is:

  • required to withdraw
  • withdraws before there is an outcome
  • withdraws temporarily from study

This is subject to informal periodic review. The frequency and format of this informal periodic review should be agreed with you by the School staff member raising concerns and leading on the Support to Continue in Study Process.

Email or telephone contact is recommended and a record of discussions and any updates on your wellbeing should be kept by the staff member. This information will help inform the University of your progress towards support to return to study.

Each case has different circumstances and a ‘withdrawal review date’ will be agreed with you, your School, and the University’s Occupational Health Service (if appropriate) at the time of withdrawal.

 If you have been required to withdraw or have chosen to withdraw voluntarily following Level 2 stage of the process, your support to return to the University must be medically assessed by a qualified representative from Queen’s Occupational Health Service (OHS). This may also lead to an examination by a specialist medical professional if recommended by the OHS. The outcome of the OHS assessment will be shared in a report with you and your School. Upon receipt of this the School will appoint a Return to Study Panel who will consider your return.

You will be asked to attend a meeting with this panel and can be accompanied by another Queen’s student or staff member or University Chaplain. Minutes of this meeting will be kept by the School.

If you decide not to attend the meeting, it will go ahead in your absence. We advise that you do attend these as it is the best way to explain your position to the panel.

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss and review your situation and consider:

  • the actions you have taken to improve your situation
  • what support you have accessed
  • The OHS report recommendations
  • Any support you may benefit from to ensure a success return to study i.e. referral to Disability Services or Student Wellbeing.
  • Appropriate information sharing/GDPR

Possible Outcomes

  • Recommendation to the Head of School that your return to study be approved.
  • Seek further medical information before considering further action
  • For you to remain on temporary withdrawal and review your progress after a set period of time.

Your Head of School will need to approve your return before you can be re-registered.

You should be informed of the Panel’s decision and recommendations within 5 working days of the Panel meeting. You may also remain under the monitoring of the Student Disability and Wellbeing services for the remainder of the academic session.

You can submit a review request of this decision to the Director of Education and Student Services.

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Support to Continue in Study
Support to Continue in Study