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Community Living

Maintaining your property - inside and out

It is important that you maintain both the inside and outside of your rented property. Tasks such as correct disposal of rubbish are normally the responsibility of tenants, so make sure you are dealing with your bins in the correct way. Remember that having bin bags outside for an extended period may attract unwanted visitors such as rats and mice. If you are not sure what days your bins are emptied, you can find out online or by contacting your local council.


Living in an area with a large number of students, it can be easy to forget there are other residents around you – students and non-students – who may not appreciate excessive noise. Noise complaints are some of the most common that councils receive and student areas are particularly susceptible. If you have been asked to keep the noise down by neighbours, it’s probably best that you try to accommodate this request and resolve the issue informally.

If you are experiencing a noise issue, you can try approaching the issue in a cordial manner and politely request that those making the noise reduce it. If you find that the issue persists, you may wish to report the issue to the council and/or the University.

The University will investigate any complaints against students concerning noise and antisocial behaviour. If you are contacted by the University regarding a complaint made against you, you may be asked to attend a meeting with an Investigating Officer. If you are found to have acted in a way that is deemed to be contrary to the University’s conduct regulations, you may receive a penalty. This can be in the form of a warning, a fine or something more severe, depending on the issue. If you have any issues or concerns, please feel free to contact SU Advice.


Socialising is a huge part of student life and personal safety is paramount. If you are in a situation where you will be travelling on your own at night, make sure you check in with someone whenever you arrive at your destination. If possible, try to avoid travelling on your own especially in areas you are not familiar with. Keep valuables out of sight as you don’t want to attract any unwanted attention, and avoid wearing headphones when walking alone as this can limit your ability to hear what is going on around you.

It is important to keep home security in mind. Check all your windows and doors in the house are locked when you go out. You don’t want to entice opportunists to your property. It’s also good practice to keep the front door locked even when you are in the house, whether it be at night or during the day.

 If you haven’t been able to find the information your looking for please contact us here - I'd Like Some More Advice.