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Ending your Tenancy

On the last day of your tenancy make sure that you:

  • Take a note of your gas and electricity readings and send them to your utility supplier. This means you can request your final bill and it will be accurate. Most landlords will ask for proof that all your final bills are paid before they give you your deposit back. 
  • If you want to end your tenancy before its end date, have a look at your tenancy agreement. If it has a ‘break clause’ this means that you can do so under certain terms. If it doesn’t then you can’t end the tenancy early unless your landlord agrees to it. They might tell you that you need to find another person to fill your place and that you will still have to pay your rent and bills until you do so.
  • Remember, your contract is legally binding and you can’t just leave your keys and go. Your landlord can still charge you rent until the end date of your tenancy agreement, even if you decide to not live in the property anymore. If you don’t and they haven’t been able to fill your place with another tenant, they can get a court order from the Small Claims Court to make you pay what you owe. If they have been able to fill your place, however, they can’t claim rent from you too.

On the other hand, if your landlord is trying to end your tenancy early and is threatening to evict you, read our 'Homeless or at Risk of Homelessness' section for advice.