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We’re still here to help and support you. This is a worrying and anxious time for everyone and we know you have many questions and concerns. We continue to offer a full range of advice services for our students. Read on to find out more...

  • Can I apply to the student hardship fund for financial support?

    Students experiencing financial hardship may apply to the Support or Hardship Funds using an online application*, available by logging into your Qsis Student Account at     

    For help completing the online application please click here

    All supporting documentation requested during the online application process should be emailed to

    If you do not have all documentation requested during the online application process, please submit bank statements covering at least the two months preceding your application date. Please ensure that statements for ALL bank accounts held are submitted.

    Please note the Student Finance Office is currently closed and supporting documentation can only be submitted by email to the above email address.

    *There may be a small number of students who cannot access the application through QSIS because, for example, they are on a leave of absence / Erasmus year. These students should email to establish whether they are eligible to apply. If so, a paper form may be issued.

  • How can I find a part time job?

    Queen’s University operates a Student Jobshop, details of which are available here. The Student Jobshop is part of Careers, Employability and Skills and its purpose is to help students find fairly paid part-time, temporary work whilst they are studying at Queens University, Belfast. The Student Jobshop is located in the Student Guidance Centre and can be contacted by emailing

  • Will I get my student loan regardless of whether classes are held online or on campus?

    Student Finance NI have confirmed that, regardless of whether teaching takes place on campus or remotely, as long as you are otherwise eligible; are registered to be studying during the 2020/21 academic year and are not suspended or withdrawn from your course you will be eligible to apply for a Maintenance Loan.

    The Maintenance Loan is paid at different rates for those who live at home and those who live away from home. You should complete the application accurately and if your living arrangements change during the year, you should let Student Finance know. If you complete your application incorrectly and receive a higher amount than you are due, you will be expected to make repayments to the Student Loans Company whenever you have finished your studies and are earning over the threshold for repayments.

  • Will I be entitled to more student finance if my household income has fallen as a result of Covid-19?

    Funding entitlement for 2020/21 will initially be based on household income for the 2018/19 tax year. If household income has fallen by more than 5% since then, you can complete a Current Year Income Assessment Form with details of estimated 2020/21 income and a new income assessment may be carried out, with funding entitlement based on the lower income. At the end of the year, you will be required to provide evidence of household income for the year ended 5/04/2021 so that your support can be finalised. Please note that if the estimates provided are not accurate it could result in an overpayment of funding which would need to be repaid to the Student Loans Company.

    Note that this information applies to students who are funded by Student Finance NI. If you are funded by another body, you should contact them directly.

  • I’ve read on the Queen’s website about emergency loans. Can I apply for one of these?

    The rules around emergency loans are very strict.  They are only available if statutory funding is late or delayed. They are not an advance on scheduled future funding. If you meet the criteria, contact us on and we will advise further.