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How to Budget

How to Budget

Almost everyone finds it hard to manage their money at one time or another. We know it can be even harder for you as a student as your income is usually paid to you at different times throughout the year - like a student loan in three instalments or a part-time job that pays weekly or monthly.

That's why it's useful to create a budget to help you manage your money. It means that you can enjoy your time at university without the risk of ending up in the red! It will give you a good idea of:

  • What money you have coming in and going out
  • How much money you have to play with each week over the course of the year

To do this you can:

  • Use our handy budget planner with an easy to follow guide to show you how to complete it
  • Create an online budget by visiting the Consumer Council's easy to use budgeting tool.

Budgeting really can save you a lot of worry. Seeing it in black and white can also help you realise how much you are spending and on what.

We know that your budget can fluctuate, so some weeks you might have more or less money than you had thought. Don’t worry, just keep an eye on it every month and change it.

Check out the information we have for you below. If you can't find what you're looking for, or would like some more advice, simply get in touch with Advice SU by emailing and an adviser will get back to you.