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We've worked with the University experts to create 7 videos covering everything you need to know to help you keep yourself and your loved ones safe

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The SU building is now open. Here's what to expect when you visit the Union

Social distancing

Current government guidelines specify that people should remain 2 metres apart. This social distancing will reduce the capacity in the Union meaning we are reshaping how we work.

Different ways of working

The SU Shop is currently closed, however students can email with any enquiries and for information of our select and collect service (non-food items).

The Speakeasy is still currently closed. It is due to open in the Summer 2021

If you’d like to chat face to face with staff from Student Voice, Volunteer SU, Enterprise SU and or anyone from the Clubs & Societies team you will need to make an appointment. You can find out more about how the individual departments will be working in the departments FAQ sections

Moving around within the Union

We are operating a one way system in SU Elmwood meaning that you enter the building through the foyer/main staircases but exit using the fire exit stairs. There will be new signage in place with 2 metre floor markings and restricted entry for certain areas.  Please ensure you pause to take note of these whenever entering the building – they may change throughout the semester, as we learn more about crowd flow, reopen spaces, and abide by any changing government guidelines.

Please also note that only 1 person at a time can use the lift to the upper floors

Repurposed spaces

Due to the restrictions on office capacity we have had to make the decision to repurpose Clubroom 1 (first floor) for use by the Student Officers and Meeting Room 2 (second floor) for Clubs and Societies finance.

Reduced opening hours and scaled down night time activity

The building is likely to have reduced opening hours. This will be advertised once opening hours are confirmed.

More frequent cleaning

All spaces will be cleaned every morning; particularly busy spaces will be cleaned throughout the day. Cleaning kits will be available in all bookable spaces for use before and after your meeting

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