An ancient practice in weaponry and a modern sport with excellent opportunities to excel.
Archery is all about precision, diligence and most of all fun. The aim is to hit the target using a bow and arrow and to get better each time. It’s about pushing yourself to improve and challenging your newfound skills at every opportunity.

We are a community of students who are enthusiastic about our sport and love to get together to practice and train in the PEC. We meet on Mondays 6-8pm and Fridays 2-4pm in the main hall of the PEC. Outside these practice sessions we enjoy plenty of socials and some of our members have even gone on to compete in events such as the UK and Ireland Field Archery Championships. Our connections with other clubs and sporting boards mean that each member has the chance to take the sport as far as they wish.

Join us today to see where archery could take you. We may be talking to our next Olympic competitor or Field archery champion.

Still on the fence? Why not come to one of our many have-a-go sessions advertised throughout the year on our Facebook page. What do you have to lose?