Foodies (Nutrition)

QUB Foodies

QUBFoodies is QUB’s Food based Society currently ran, and initiated, by final year students on the BSc Food Quality, Safety & Nutrition programme. We all have a real passion for all things related to health, nutrition and food and are now delighted to have the opportunity to share our enthusiasm and interest with staff members, fellow food and non-food students within Queen’s through this Society.
Through frequent events ranging from talks, to quizzes to nutrition themed nights and socials we hope that the QUBFoodies can firmly establish itself within Queen’s, aided by our enthusiasm, commitment and approachable nature to making such as Society a success! So far we have weekly health posts via social media, as well as an exciting link up with Raw Food Rebellion and the QUB Bake Society for a successful chocolate themed movie night. This year we have even more exciting links with local cafes, a formal and fun events to enjoy good food, craic and nutrition fun! We’ve also held nutrition themed talks as well as offering our members enticing discounts with local cafes such as Press29 and The Honest Vegan to offer our members.

If you’d like any more information then please email or contact us via our QUBFoodie Facebook page, Thank you!!