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iLive Leadership Society


The iLIVE Leadership Society hosts the iLIVE Leadership course which was developed by a certified leadership coach in response to students' expressed need to grow in confidence and leadership skills. Leadership is intrinsically tied to ongoing character development and personal growth. In fact, everyone is already a leader, because we all constantly influence those around us. The word 'Leadership' refers to exactly that: influence. Regardless of cultural context, our character and attitude determine the kind of influence we have on others.
The teachings include case studies of well known leaders and group discussions in a dynamic and fun-filled atmosphere with students from all over the world. You will make new friends and meet a variety of international guest speakers. A special highlight are weekly personal mentoring groups which have proven to be a great platform to form friendships and talk about different challenges in life with an experienced mentor.
This fall, the sessions take place every Wednesday afternoon between 2-4 pm. You are welcome to join as a guest at any time, but in order to successfully pass the course you have to be enrolled by 4 October. Send us an email if you are
The iLIVE Leadership Course is now recognised as a Degree Plus Route A or Route B activity depending on Your level of engagement with the course.
We enjoy being intentional about personal growth and hope to see you this fall as well!