Malaysian Students

Malaysian Students Society Northern Ireland 

The Malaysian Students’ Society of Northern Ireland (MSSNI) is a student-led organisation which caters primarily to oversee the welfare of the students at Queen’s University Belfast who are of Malaysian origin.

The Society annually organises events and activities catered for the Malaysian students at Belfast, such as the annual Fresher’s Camp, ‘Mamak Night’ (i.e. an eating session as we Malaysians take pride in our food), and the annual Malaysian Night which is the annual flagship event of our society.

We also celebrate other cultural festivals through several functions which accurately reflect the complex racial and religious demography of Malaysia such as Chinese New Year dinners, Diwali Nights and also ‘Hari Raya Aidilfitri’ (Eid-ul-Fitr).

Our organisation has a simple vision – to ensure that our Malaysian counterparts in Northern Ireland to have a ‘home away from home’ experience, as well as promoting our culture to the non-Malaysian students, both local and international students alike.

If you are somebody who is eager to know more about Malaysia and our culture as a whole, join us! We promise that you’ll have a good time with us, but you do have to get used to really spicy curries and chilli pastes to be able to fully immerse yourself into a Malaysian experience. We Malaysians are a nice bunch of people (most of us, at the very least), so we hope that you will be able to make yourself some Malaysian friends and have a wonderful university experience as a whole!

As for you, fellow Malaysian, we have a lot in common. Be prepared to showcase our slangs and accents shamelessly and with pride in a place far away from home in a tight-knit community of Malaysian students. Ease your homesickness and make yourself home in a home away from home! And yes, we have good nasi lemak as well as roti canai (it is NOT roti prata, guys). Sememangnya kita ada berbagai-bagai aneka makanan a la mamak 24 jam. Janganlah hang risau pasal pes sambal tu kerana kita masih ada banyak lagi. Join us in promoting the Malaysian spirit in a land faraway from Malaysia!