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The Robotics Society is a creative community of students working on exciting projects and learning valuable skills. We organise regular workshop events with free drinks and pizza which are a great place to socialise with a wide range of students.

The best way to learn is by doing, boring lectures are not on the agenda! Our hugely popular workshops cover introductions to microcontrollers, 3D design and more. They are accessible to everyone but we also have more challenging projects and competitions for those with more experience.

We’ve built 3D printers, drones and maze-solving robots. If you have an idea for a project we can support you.

This year we are planning to defend our crown at the NI Robotics League and compete in the 2019 Robotics Day in Prague! All our workshops also include competitions with prizes to win.

Whether you want to compete against other universities, boost your CV or simply make friends, we are the society for you!

- Society of the Year runner up 2018/19
- Best Academic Society 2017/18
- Most improved Society 2016/17