Saudi Society

Saudi Society

Introduction and Mission

It is the mission of the Saudi Society at Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) to promote knowledge and awareness of Saudi Culture through cultural and social forum within QUB community and within the greater Northern Ireland community. It is to the main aim of this Society to encourage cultural dialogue and understanding of cultural differences for the sake of harmony and cooperation among QUB society and the greater Northern Ireland society.

Main Goals                         

• Engagement in different QUB activities (e.g. social events, sports, festivals, etc.) and cooperate with a variety of QUB organizations.

• Encourage Saudi students to interact and communicate with QUB communities and the greater Northern Ireland community.

• Promote friendships and mutual respect among individuals, families, and communities within QUB and Northern Ireland area in general.

• Arrange educational and social workshops to help new students adjust and feel comfortable in their new environment and living system.

• Contribute to the diversified aspects of QUB and help students to succeed in their educational journey and to be better people in their lives in general.

• Initiate and support any other means to achieve the SS main goals/objectives.