Wakeboard & Waterski

Wakeboard and Waterski

We are the only wakeboarding and waterski student club in Northern Ireland. We operate out of Meteor Waterski club in Belfast and carry out frequent trips to wakeboarding cable parks throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
Wakeboarding is like snowboarding and waterskiing is like regular skiing, but on water instead! We get pulled behind a boat or an electronic pulley known as a cable. It is a really easy sport to learn and the club prides itself on not only a fantastic social section, but on being Irish/Scottish Intervarsity champions for the last two years.
We love doing trips too, this year we had our annual camping trip down by the lake in Belfast with loads of food, drink and watersports. We also do away weekends down to Dublin, Cork, England and this year we even took the club to Barcelona for a week! A few of the members even went off to Indonesia and wakeboarded in Bali for two full weeks!

Most of all it is a club that is open to all difficulty levels and just wants to help everyone learn something new and have a bit of fun!