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Have you ever wondered where a business idea comes from? Does the idea of starting your own business appeal to you? Then why not come along to GENERATE. This workshop will provide you with all the insights and knowhow to come up with your very own Startup idea, and who knows….maybe this will be the start of something big!

This quickfire workshop will include:

  • Stories from real entrepreneurs, what’s their story and how did they get to where they are today?
  • What skills do entrepreneurs have? What skills do you have and how could these skills come in handy for your future career?
  • Activities to help you find an idea, test an idea and go for it!
  • Who to speak to, when you have come up with an idea worth pursueing
  • How to overcome challenges and barriers
  • How to believe in yourself

This workshop will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Develop key skills to help you become more entrepreneurial (whether this is to start a business or enhance your CV)
  • Meet other students from a wide range of disciplines
  • Assess your own skills and see how entrepreneurial you are
  • Enjoy a free lunch and widen your network
  • Get inspired and excited about your future

This is a free event as part of Development Weeks, and lunch will be provided.