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Are you currently working on a business idea but need some funding to make it a reality?  You could apply for the ‘Make it Happen Fund’ and get up to £500 funding to help start or diversify your business! The fund is available for all undergraduate and postgraduate students at Queen’s and the maximum amount you can apply for is £500.

Not sure whether you should apply? Here are some things worth considering:

  • This funding is available for all business ideas, regardless of the area or industry
  • You don’t have to have started up to apply for this fund
  • You must be a current student to apply or be on a Tier 1 Visa

We will consider all applications, but we are on the lookout for:

  • A viable business idea
  • An idea that is legal (!)
  • An accurate breakdown of what your costs will be and what you need the funding for
  • Enthusiasm and passion about your startup

Applications for the Make it Happen fund are now closed.