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I want to join a mission

Join a Mission

There are loads of reasons to get stuck in and help us to change stuff. Here are just a few...

You will:

  • Help us to change the stuff that is important to you and thousands of other students at Queen’s and beyond
  • Improve the student experience and lives of loads of awesome students
  • Meet new friends who are passionate about the same stuff as you
  • Grab the attention of the top dogs in your School, University, the city, and the government 
  • Learn how things work and how to get stuff done
  • Boost you skills and your CV – employers will be mega impressed
  • Feel good about paying it forward and doing a good deed – your fellow students will love you for it - we sure do

All you have to do is... 

  • Check out our Missions to see if there is something that grabs you and to get a bit more info
  • Do as little or as much as you want - it’s totally up to you
  • Roll up your sleeves and sign up below. It’s as easy as that! 

Join a Mission