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Meet the Team/Mentors

We are fortunate at Enterprise SU to have a fantastic team of staff and mentors who can offer you support and guidence on your business, no matter the idea, industry or stage of development.

Meet the Enterprise SU Team...


Judith Maguire

Role: Enterprise SU Manager

Graduated in: Business Marketing

Experience in: Event Management, Management Consultancy and Marketing

Loves: Start-Ups, Connecting people and Student Entrepreneurship

Hates: Email clutter

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Kat Maguire

Kat Maguire

Role: Enterprise Development and Support Officer (currently on secondment)

Graduated in: Media Studies and MSc Communication, Advertising & PR 

Experience in: Startups, Startups Startups! And a little bit of digital marketing...

Loves: Talking to people about their new ideas and watching them flourish with the right help...and I do love a good cup of tea ;) 

Hates: Hate is such a strong word...

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Francesca Morelli

Role: Enterprise Development and Support Officer

Graduated in: International Business with French

Experience in: Start-up development, family business and recruitment

Loves: Startups, growing her businesses and the North Coast

Hates: Mansplainers

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Gillian Dunn

Role: Graduate Marketing and Events Intern

Graduated in: BA English & Politics and Masters in Marketing

Experience in: Digital Marketing, Event Management and the Charity Sector

Loves: Canva, Theatre Trips and Doughnuts

Hates: People who dislike Taylor Swift

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Caragh McMenamin

Role: Student Intern

Currently Studying: Business Information Technology

Experience in: IT, Start-Ups and Marketing

Loves: Coffee and Dogs

Hates: Slow walkers

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