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I want to Volunteer

I Want to Volunteer

We all love that warm fuzzy feeling after doing a good deed.

There are over 3,000 opportunities for you to help out an organisation, your community or the environment, whether you have lots of time on your hands or only a few hours here and there, we can link you in to the volunteering options which are right for you!

We also hold lots of events across the academic year which enable you to explore all things volunteering. If you have an idea to set up a charity or community project, please get in touch as we can meet with you to talk through your idea, offer expert guidance and recommend the contacts you need to succeed! 

There are loads of lovely reasons to spread the love and volunteer. Here are just a few...

You will:

  • Have your pick of over 3,000 voluntary opportunities in community groups, charities, and voluntary organisations in areas ranging from animal welfare to human rights and education, to fundraising in sectors such as health, IT, or the Arts
  • Make a massive difference to people’s lives, the community, or the environment
  • Have the opportunity to set your own personal goals and achieve them
  • Be able to tailor your volunteering experience so it meets your interests - and do as little or as much as you want
  • Feel good about paying it forward and doing a good deed – they'll love you for it. We sure do
  • Meet new friends, have loads of fun, and get a well-earned break from your university work
  • Boost your skills (like project management, communication, and teamwork) and your CV – employers will be mega impressed. Dream job here you come
  • Be rewarded for your volunteering efforts through Degree Plus, Millennium Volunteers or Prestige Volunteers … and sometimes a little extra surprise from us

Have a look through the buttons below to find out more and how you can get in touch.