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I have an idea for a charity or community project

Set up a Charity or Community Project

There are loads of lovely reasons to set up a charity or community project at Queen’s. Here are just a few...

We will: 

  • Guide and support you to set up and structure your project for maximum impact
  • Introduce you to lots of role models and mentors that can help you succeed

 You will:

  • Make a massive difference to people’s lives, an organisation, the community, or the environment
  • Have the opportunity to set your own personal goals and achieve them
  • Be able to tailor your volunteering experience so it meets your interests
  • Feel good about paying it forward and doing a good deed
  • Boost your skills (like project management, communication, and teamwork) and your CV – employers will be mega impressed. Dream job here you come
  • Be rewarded for your volunteering efforts at graduation, or even be cherry picked for a prestigious award – role model alert
  • Meet new friends and have loads of fun
  • Get a well earned break from your university work
  • Be able to do as little or as much as you want

All you have to do is:

  • Have a little think about what kind of charity or community project you would like to set up
  • Get in touch today - we can help

I'm Ready!