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LOGO: Queen's Students' Union

Executive Management Committee

The Executive Management Committee is made up of elected Student Representatives and three members of staff from the Students' Union who provide advice and expertise.

Full-Time Student Officers:

  • Grian Ní Dhaimhín, Students’ Union President
  • Chloe Ferguson, Student Officer Campaigns & Engagement
  • Jason Bunting, Student Officer Education
  • Roisin Muirhead, Student Officer Equality & Diversity
  • Tasha Montgomery, Student Officer Postgraduate
  • Katie Ní Chléire, Student Officer Welfar

Part-Time Student Officers:

  • Michael McConway, Disabled Students’ Officer
  • Liam Magill, Environmental & Ethical Trading Officer
  • Anirudh Sawhney, International Students’ Officer
  • Aodhán Ó'Baoill, Irish Language Officer
  • Elliot Beever, LGBT+ Students’ Officer
  • Adam Aicken, Student Carers’ Officer
  • Shahla Shahnaz Dyuti, Student Parents’ Officer
  • Kit Penlington, Trans Students' Officer
  • Chloe Ferguson, Women Students’ Officer
  • Vacant, BAME Students’ Officer
  • Vacant, Mature Students’ Officer
  • Vacant, Part-time Students’ Officer
  • Vacant, AHSS Faculty Students’ Officer
  • Vacant, MHLS Faculty Students’ Officer
  • Vacant, EPS Faculty Students’ Officer
  • Vacant, Postgraduate Taught Students’ Officer
  • Vacant, Postgraduate Research Students’ Officer

Students' Union Council Speaker:

  • Colette McAllister (non-voting)

Union Staff:

  • Ciaran Higgins (Director, Students’ Union)