Executive Management Committee

Executive Management Committee

The Executive Management Committee is made up of elected Student Representatives and three members of staff from the Students' Union who provide advice and expertise.

Full-Time Student Officers:

  • Connor Veighey, Students' Union President
  • Ellen Fearon, Student Officer Activities
  • Jason Bunting, Student Officer Education
  • Hamsavani Rajeswaren, Student Officer Equality & Diversity
  • Gift Sotonye-Frank, Student Officer Postgraduate
  • Ciaran O'Brien, Student Officer Welfare

Part-Time Student Officers:

  • Michael McConway, Disabled Students’ Officer
  • Liam Magill, Environmental & Ethical Trading Officer
  • Anirudh Sawhney, International Students’ Officer
  • Aodhán Ó'Baoill, Irish Language Officer
  • Elliot Beever, LGBT+ Students’ Officer
  • Adam Aicken, Student Carers’ Officer
  • Shahla Shahnaz Dyuti, Student Parents’ Officer
  • Kit Penlington, Trans Students' Officer
  • Chloe Ferguson, Women Students’ Officer
  • Vacant, BAME Students’ Officer
  • Vacant, Mature Students’ Officer
  • Vacant, Part-time Students’ Officer
  • Vacant, AHSS Faculty Students’ Officer
  • Vacant, MHLS Faculty Students’ Officer
  • Vacant, EPS Faculty Students’ Officer
  • Vacant, Postgraduate Taught Students’ Officer
  • Vacant, Postgraduate Research Students’ Officer

Students' Union Council Speaker:

  • Colette McAllister (non-voting)

Union Staff:

  • Ciaran Higgins (Director, Students’ Union)