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Campaigns & Engagement

Aidan Moran, Campaigns & Engagement Officer

Aidan Moran (He/Him)

Hi, I’m Aidan, your Campaigns and Engagement Officer! I’ve been involved in campaigning and activism in and out of the Union for years now. Community organising, rent strikes, workplace democracy and climate action have been my bread and butter since my voice broke. Within the Union, I’ve campaigned against rising accommodation and tuition fees, tried to bring more democracy and engagement back to the Union. This year, I’ll be continuing that work as well as rolling out Consent Training across our membership and building up the strength of the union as a collective voice for Students.

Here are some of the things I am planning to work on this year, get in touch if you have any thoughts or want to get involved:

  • Fighting for Student Workers and Renters
  • Establishing Consent Training to be rolled out at the university
  • Democratisation of the University

Click here to read Aidan's Manifesto

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