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Campaigns & Engagement

Chloe Ferguson 

Hi everyone!

I’m Chloe Ferguson, and I’m totally ecstatic to be re-elected to be your Campaigns and Engagement Officer for another year on the Student Officer Team.

A little bit about me, I graduated with an undergraduate degree in English and Social Anthropology in June 2020, specialising on how the themes of gender-based and religious power emerge from different Greek to English translations of the epic poem “The Odyssey” over time. In other words, any excuse to use all the greek mythology knowledge I built up from reading Percy Jackson as a kid!

During my time studying, you would find me listening to musicals, getting involved in our debating society, or participating in Education Activism as a course rep!

After the last difficult year, my first priority to you is ensuring you have a community driven student experience, with opportunities for personal development and raising your voice on issues you care about. This can be through activism, clubs and societies, volunteering or engaging in our democratic structures.

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Here are some of the things I am planning to work on this year, get in touch if you have any thoughts or want to get involved:

Building Community:
Your student experience, whether Undergraduate or Postgraduate, should be driven by community, both in and outside the classroom. This year I will be focusing on building a connection between your Academic Community and wider student life.

This entails giving support to our clubs and societies, and assisting with our democracy review- ensuring our representative structures are accessible and fit for purpose. Additionally, working on developing a new fundraising support framework for RAG and other charitable efforts across the student body.

Campaigning Training and Support for Activists:
Our students have a passion for change and calling out injustice to help others. To give you the support needed to make this change happen, we will be developing campaign-training resources, and delivering workshops on practical steps you can take to making noise about issues that matter you.

Some general issues I will also be lobbying on are Off-Campus Discipline Regulations and increasing support for the rights of Student Workers.

This year we have made massive strides in lobbying the university and organisations across Northern Ireland to tackle the Climate Crisis head on; however, we are not there yet.

Continuing my work as chair of our student-staff Climate Action Group we plan to continue pushing Queen’s to declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency, with a radical and sustainable Climate Action Plan behind it, utilising our newly established connections with Climate Coalition NI and Belfast Climate Commission.  

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