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Campaigns and Engagement Officer
Chloe Ferguson 

Hi there!

I’m Chloe Ferguson, your Campaigns and Engagement Officer!

As a student, you probably have a lot of questions about what the year ahead might look like, and concerns over how you are meant to experience student life to the fullest with everything going on in the world. My job this year is to support and help the student body, whether that be in activism, clubs and societies, volunteering or general social opportunities, making sure this is still one to remember!

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Some of my priorities for the year:

Sustainable Campus. The student body has voted in favour of the Green New Deal, aiming to lobby the university to prioritize eco-friendly and sustainable management of both our campus and curriculum. I will continue advocating for climate activism; evaluating the use of plastic and green spaces available to students.

Evaluating our Student Engagement. The Students’ Union is for everyone- whether that be undergrads, postgrads, those who have high contact hours or those who engage more in independent study. However, students are facing a growing loneliness which is taking a toll on their mental health, in part because they don’t feel wanted or like they belong anywhere amidst great academic pressures. This year I will be looking at how to remove those barriers, conducting a cross-faculty evaluation of what students want to see their union do for them.

Campaigning Training. There is so much spirit in our community for making real change that helps others, but we find ourselves in a position now where students don’t know where to go to make that change happen. I will be developing training sessions and resources, so more students are empowered to work on creating the change they want to see come to life.

Employability Services. Too often during university students struggle to find guidance around part-time work or potential career paths. This year I intend to work on increasing the visibility of both information concerning the rights of student workers and the development of career opportunities for all disciplines.

Our main focus is making sure your experience is community driven, with space to both have fun and succeed. If you have any queries or ideas around campaigning or what you want your SU to do for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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