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Emma Murphy 

Hi everyone! My name is Emma Murphy and I’m your new Education Officer. I’ve recently graduated from studying an English Literature BA and I have been the School Rep and Lead Peer Mentor for AEL, I was also the President of the English Society in my second year.   

As your Education Officer, I will represent your academic interests and make sure that you are supported throughout your studies at Queen’s. I will also assist in leading academic representation; Course, School and Faculty reps, which are students that volunteer to create change by voicing their feedback to academic staff. 

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My main priorities for the upcoming year are:  

Returning to Campus: When we all eventually return to campus, I want to ensure that the quality of your education is maintained. By adopting best practices used throughout the pandemic such as lecture recording and alternative assessment, we can adapt teaching to keep the methods that have worked well while still benefitting from in-person teaching.  

Feedback and Bunched Deadlines: In the OMNI study conducted by Queen’s students in 2019, 71.5% of students stated that they struggled with the pressure of deadlines. By restructuring how deadlines and feedback are given to students, this could alleviate undue pressure and improve students’ academic experience.  

Improving Learning Communities for Students: Inside and outside of the classroom, communities are incredibly important for the student experience of university. By developing peer mentoring and personal tutoring schemes, it will increase informal spaces for students to connect with fellow students on their course.  

If you have any questions or want a chat, please email me at!  

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