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Equality & Diversity
Roisin Muirhead

Hi, my name is Roisin and I am your Student Officer for Equality and Diversity

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Economic Support- In the wake of COVID-19, the financial stress facing students is becoming increasingly severe. I will work over the coming year to facilitate awareness of financial support mechanisms and collaborate with Queen’s Widening Participation Unit to encourage more students from lower-income households to avail of higher education.

Sexual Harassment- Students have a right to feel safe on campus and it is the university’s responsibility to ensure this. Often students are not aware of report and support systems, and I will work to ensure greater visibility and strengthen the zero-tolerance campaign.

Parent and Carer Support- The nature of care work is unpredictable and often extenuating circumstances are not accommodating. I will focus on gaining greater consideration for the care burden which is placed on these students and ensure that extenuating circumstances allow for when a child needs a sick day, or when the duties of care become overwhelming.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if there is anything I can do to help or if you simply need a friendly face to talk to!

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