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Postgraduate Students Officer 
Tasha Montgomery 

Hi all, my name is Tasha Montgomery and I am the Postgraduate Students Officer for 2020-2021. I am here to help, whether you are a current postgraduate student or even a prospective one.

QUBSU is one of only a handful of students’ unions with a full-time Postgraduate Officer and indeed the only union with a postgraduate officer on the island of Ireland. My role exists to ensure that the voices, concerns and thoughts of postgraduate students whether, taught or research, part time or distance learning are heard and considered before changes and policies are being implemented so that they are of the most benefit to you.

As postgraduate students, you form a vital part of our vibrant and diverse community: as students, teachers, and members of sports clubs, and societies, as activists, workers and as friends. You face distinctive challenges simply based on the fact that our postgraduate community is so diverse, with huge variety in age, educational, cultural and social experiences, and many of these distinctive challenges can often be otherwise overlooked.

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This year I plan to:

  • Continue to review and speak out about how COVID-19 has been affecting postgraduate students, and keep you informed as to progress with funding bodies and support services.
  • Review and reform how engagement in Clubs and Societies is rewarded and encouraged for both PGT and PGR students.
  • Continue the work of my predecessor with the Supervisory toolkit to provide clearer guidelines on supervision experiences.
  • Work to tackle the stigma of mental health in the postgrad community, and raise awareness of the signs of mental fatigue to reduce the drop-out rate of students.
  • Lobby for more postgraduate funding support to help students continue their studies.

QUBSU is your union. If you need some support with any aspect of your university experience, or have an idea for what you’d like to be done in the Students’ Union, don’t hesitate to send me an email.

The Postgraduate Officer:

  • Assists with any educational or academic problems that postgraduate students might have
  • Represents postgraduate students to the University to make sure that their education meets their expectations
  • Works with School & Course Reps to make sure that postgraduate students have a say in how their School and Course is run
  • Builds and supports a sense of postgraduate community in Queen’s

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