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Katie Ní Chléire

Hey! I’m Katie Ní Chléire, and I’m your Students’ Union President. Is mise Katie, agus is mise Uachtarán Aontas na Mac Léinn.

The Students’ Union is here to represent you, support you and fight for you. We want to make your time at Queen’s the best it can be, and my job is to ensure that happens by making your voice heard in the Union, in the University and beyond.

I’m a Social Work graduate, and finished my degree in 2020, before I took up post as your Welfare Officer for 2020/2021. I’ve had a year of representing you throughout the pandemic, and I’m here to lead us through the recovery as well.

During my time studying, I was involved in lots of campaigns in the Students’ Union. I was a course rep in my second year, the School Rep for SSESW in my third year, I was a student councillor, and I was a member of the Climate Action Group. I’ve never regretted getting involved in the Union, so I highly recommend that you do too!

The student movement represents you and your interests to your university, your local councils, and to the NI Executive. It’s our role as Officers to campaign on student mental health, climate action, liberation, free tuition and Irish Language rights, and we will fight to make sure that these issues are top of the agenda, alongside ensuring that you are supported in the recovery from COVID-19. There has never been a more crucial time to make sure that your voice, the students’ voice, is heard, and we’re here to do just that.

Over the past year, I’ve been representing you and your Welfare needs to the university and to the Executive, on issues including mental health, wellbeing, placements during COVID-19, housing, isolation support, and period poverty. This year, I’m going to keep fighting for what you need, to make sure you have the best education possible, and the support you need to learn. Mental health is a strategic priority for the Students’ Union, and I will fight to ensure it remain at the top of the university’s agenda, particularly in the response and recovery from COVID-19. I’m going to make sure that this university is a mentally healthy environment for you to study and work in.

Throughout your time at university, I recommend you get involved as much as you can – whether it’s in sports, in societies, or in campaigning, there’s something for absolutely everyone to enjoy! There’s lots to get stuck into, so put your passion into making the student movement as powerful as it can be. Never underestimate the power of collective action!

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Other things I’m going to work on include: 

Response and recovery from Covid-19: We want to make sure that you get the best university experience you can, even though we may be dealing with a global pandemic. We want to support you academically as much as we can, support our clubs and societies, as well as protecting your rights as tenants and workers during this time. We will do what we can to get through this together. 

New Students’ Union Building: We’re getting ready for the big move into the new Students’ Union and Student Centre – we can’t wait to welcome you all to our new hub of student life next year! I’ll be making sure that what students want is at the heart of the new centre. 

Free education: I’m going to continue the fight for free, accessible, lifelong and liberated education. We’ll be lobby on this alongside our National Unions, and it remains a high priority for your Student Officers. 

If you have any questions, or want to get involved, get in touch! 

Tabhair aire agus ádh mór!
Take care and good luck!

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