SU Shop

SU Shop

We have everything you need for your time at Queen’s – from pens and paper, hoodies and sandwiches to cards and teddy bears.

There’s also offers on all the time so keep your eye out and if you think we’re missing something, let us know. And remember, any money that you spend goes right back into improving all the services we provide.

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Using your bursary in the SU Shop is simple – all you need is your student card. You can check your bursary balance in store or on Queen’s Online at any time.

You can use your bursary to purchase the following:

  • Stationery – our entire stationery range, including USB pen drives, calculators and computer accessories
  • Newspapers – we stock all the major local and national newspapers , some of them are discounted just for you
  • Academic Magazines – we have a comprehensive range of academic magazines If you think we could stock another publication that would help you with your studies, let us know
  • Queen’s University Branded Clothing - including hoodies, jackets,  leisure sportswear, and accessories
  • NUS Extra Card - the easy way to get loads of local and national online discounts and deals

We have a wide range of discounted newspapers just for you:

Monday - Friday:

The Guardian - 80p
The Irish Times - 55p
The Times -   70p
The Daily Telegraph -  £1.40
The Irish Independent - 50p
The Irish News - 50p
The Irish Star – 55p
The Newsletter - 25p

Saturday - Sunday:

The Daily Telegraph - £1.90
The Times - £1.00
The Irish Times - 70p
The Irish Independent - 60p
The Irish News - 50p
The Irish Daily Star - 45p
The Irish Daily Mail - 40p
The Newsletter - 20p

We also now stock a range of foreign language titles including: Le Monde, El Pais, Der Spiegel, International New York Times, Nikkei, Africa Finance Report and China Daily.

Check out our range of Fairtrade products in your SU Shop, including a wide range of hoodies and sportswear, chocolate treats, fruit, tea, coffee, biscuits and our new range of chilled Starbucks coffees!

Make a positive step and swap to Fairtrade products.

The Fairtrade mark is the only independent consumer guarantee of a better deal for producers in the developing world.

NUS Extra is a UK wide discount scheme, organised by the National Union of Students.

It gives you access to over 200 UK student discounts and comes with 1 year free ISIC, unlocking over 42,000 international discounts - covering fashion, travel, food, gadgets, music and more.

You can check out all the discounts on the NUS website.

How much does it cost?

An NUS Extra card costs just £12 for a year of discounts from the date you buy it and you can purchase one using your Student Experience Bursary in your SU Shop.

Where does the money go?

£4 from every NUS Extra card sold goes to your Students’ Union and we use this money to invest in services and support for you. 

How do I apply?

You can purchase a card from the SU Shop with either cash or your Student Experience Bursary. Alternatively, you can purchase it online at with a credit/debit card.