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Representing You

Your Student Officers are working hard to represent you and your needs to the University and lobby the Government on priority issues for students.

Over the last few weeks your Officer Team lobbied strongly for a financial intervention package that would help and support ALL students. Last week the University announced that it will provide:

  • A cash payment to all students both undergraduate and postgraduate (approximately 21,400 students) of £150. This payment will be made in semester 2 and we will announce the logistical approach in due course
  • A cash payment of £400 to students with a household income of less than £25k (which amounts to 3,600 students)
  • An increased amount of funding in the Student Hardship Fund of £600k

Also as part of the package: 

  • Library fines will be waived for the academic year 
  • £47 Graduations fees will also be waived in December 2022 and Summer 2023. A student will still have the option to attend a post-graduation garden party at the cost of £10 per person if they so choose 
  • Disciplinary fees will be halved - a positive first step in our long-term lobbying aim of them being eliminated entirely 

Over and above this, we are: 

  • Joining forces with our national students’ union, NUS-USI, in their ‘Cost of Survival’ campaign, calling on the NI Executive to provide: 
    • Cost-of-Living Payment for all students in further and higher education 
    • Rent freeze in the private sector and purpose-built student accommodation 
    • Free public transport for all students, as well as fuel payments and increased mileage rates 
  • Lobbying the NI Executive for: 
    • Distinct fuel bursary (£400 for students directly) 
    • Changes in landlords’ responsibility to create energy efficient homes 

We’ll keep you updated on progress here and on our socials. Make sure to follow us for updates: FacebookTwitterInstagram and TikTok.

And if you would like to get involved in the campaign click here.