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As a result of the on-going COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak in Northern Ireland, the University has implemented a range of measures to reduce the risk of spread within Queen’s. The most recently introduced measures for Student Voice are summarised below.

  • How do I access support from the Student Voice Team while the SU building is closed?

    You can continue to access support during normal working hours by emailing  

    The Student Voice team will not have regular access to telephones over this period, so email is the preferred way to contact. 

  • As a Student Rep, lots of students are approaching me with questions, queries and worries - what should I do?

    We understand that this is a really worrying and anxious time for everyone, and especially for you, our Student Reps, who will most likely be receiving lots of queries and questions from students at this time.  

    You aren’t expected to have all the answers during this difficult and rapidly changing time. 

    Queen’s has created a dedicated FAQ’s page ( and a call centre (028 9244 3498) to try and answer and address any questions or concerns of students.  

    Please do use the above webpage and call centre to direct students on to and encourage them to review the FAQs regularly for continual updates. 

    Your School may also have produced their own FAQs and guidance which you can use to signpost students. 

  • How can I carry out my role of representing students effectively at this time?

    In these rapidly changing times, Student Reps play a vital role in ensuring that we all navigate our way through the challenges ahead. This is a new experience for everyone.

    As staff and students, these changes have an impact on our personal, professional and academic lives and it will take us all some time to adapt.

    You can play your role by: 

    • Asking your lecturer or module / course / programme convenor / director (as appropriate) about online teaching arrangements and getting clarity from them. Ask them to email all relevant students with the details. 

    • Communicating with the students who you represent – through email, social media, or Canvas, to let them know you are there and that they can contact you if they have any academic issues. 

    • Bringing the queries and concerns of students to the relevant staff in your School. (Tell Student Voice too – we want to know what the issues are!) 

    • Being aware of some of the basic University support services, such as Student Wellbeing Service and Advice SU. If students contact you with wellbeing / personal issues, you can redirect them to these services. As a Student Rep, it is not your role to resolve personal issues that students may be experiencing. 

    If you find that issues are not being resolved by your School, let us know! Your Student Officers and Student Voice team are here to help. 

  • A student that I represent has asked me to meet up with them to talk through their issues, should I?

    In line with Public Health Agency advice, contact going forward should be via email or other similar form of digital communication.

    Amentioned, if their issues are relating to the Coronavirus, you can also direct them to the dedicated FAQ’s page ( and a call centre (028 9244 3498). 

  • Students are approaching me with the same types of questions/comments and feedback. How do I escalate these key themes?

    Contact the appropriate member of staff in your School and try to bring this forward. 

    If you find that issues are not being resolved by your School, let us know! Your Student Officers and Student Voice team are here to help.

  • My mental health is being impacted, what can I do?

    Please look after yourselves at this time and especially whatever you can do to protect your mental and physical health. The Student Wellbeing Service and Minding Your Head websites have useful resource and contacts.

  • Will SSCC meetings take place going forward?

    In line with Public Health Agency advice, physical meetings will not take place going forward. Some Schools may arrange online SSCCs. However, this may not be feasible as staff may be unavailable (due to changed workloads or illness).  

    If you have any issues to raise with your School, you should do so directly and not wait for the next SSCC. 

  • Will Student Council Meetings take place going forward?

    We are investigating options for holding an online meeting of Council. However, there are some technical and rule challenges to be addressed before this could be feasible. We will keep Councillors updated on any progress. 

    Independently of any attempt to hold Council meetings online, we will be looking at how we can use technology to make it easier for students and Councillors to scrutinise the work of Student Officers and to bring forward policies and ideas for change. We may not be able to physically meet, but we must keep democracy and accountability at the core of what we do.

  • Are National Conferences still taking place?

    Union of Students' in Ireland (USI) Congress – This has been postponed until a date yet to be confirmed. 

    NUS-USI Conference – This will be conducted online. We will provide more info to delegates when it becomes available. 

    NUS Conference  This will be conducted online. We will provide more info to delegates when it becomes available. 

  • How is the Union representing me on the ongoing issues related to Coronavirus?

    We are actively involved in planning and delivering Queen’s University’s response to Coronavirus, including assessments, moving teaching online and student support. 

    Our Student Officers talk daily with Senior Staff of the University in order to represent students’ wants and needs, and ensure the actions taken are in the best interests of students. 

    If you have any specific queries that you want us to bring forward, please let us know.