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We want to make the changes that are important to you, whether that be in your Union, University or community.

The campaigns that the new Officer Team are working on will be uploaded shortly.

Don't forget, you can set up your own campaign. If you feel something needs to be done and you’re the person to do it – give it a go. Just tell us right here.

Your Union’s Sexual and Mental Health Week

9-13 March

Your Student Officer, Welfare has organised a week of activity to encourage you to have some fun, discuss some serious subjects and build more awareness around those so-called 'taboo topics’.

Support The Strike

Queen’s Students’ Union stands in solidarity with staff striking for the second time this year in their struggle for fair pay, pensions and working conditions.The University and College Union, which many of Queen’s academic staff are a part of, is taking part in a 14 day strike from 20 February to 13 March.

Find out how you can show your support and read our FAQs

QUBSU is proud to launch our LGBT+ History Month camapign and we'd love you to join us!

Across the UK LGBT+ History Month is a time to celebrate and reflect the contributions and achievements of the community to wider society, but also a time for allies to come together and practice solidarity in action, to mobilise against the attacks that LGBT+ people still face today.

This month we hope to bring together the LGBT+ community and allies in Queen’s, together to learn, celebrate and amplify queer voices in Queen’s and beyond. Light refreshments will be provided.

Beyond the Binaries – QUBSU Trans’ Students’ Week

It is essential that we empower trans and non-binary students and staff and that they know that they are valued in university and wider society.

Many people are also confused with the differences in gender identity and sexual orientation and it is imperative that people become aware of the differences within the LGBT+ community and that trans, non-binary and intersex people have safe spaces to come together to discuss their experiences, expand their skills and to have some fun!

Project Choice
The abortion law in Northern Ireland (NI) is the most restrictive in Europe.

The NI Assembly has voted against reform to the 1861 Offences Against the Person Act, to allow lawful access to abortion, in cases of fatal foetal abnormality and sexual crime, or to extend the 1967 Abortion Act, that is applicable in the rest of the UK.

Change is needed to give everyone full bodily autonomy. Get involved!

Black History Month

Black History Month will platform the rich heritage and diverse backgrounds of the Black Community. As we grow into a rapidly diversifying community, it's imperative that we engage with our Afro-Caribbean communities on campus and beyond! We hope to see you at one of our events celebrating the work of our Black students and staff on campus.