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Helpful Contacts

Helpful Contacts

Students’ Union Representation

Wellbeing Support

  • Advice SU - Independent of the University, Advice SU is the Students’ Union’s free and confidential service, which offers a wide range of help and support on areas such as: academic, money, funding, housing, health and wellbeing.
  • QUB Student Wellbeing Team – Offers a range of support services such as a remote drop in service, counselling, consultations and coaching, education and awareness-raising, safe and healthy relationships advice and self-help material. The advice they can provide can cover the likes of: academic, disability, emergency/incident, financial, mental health, substance usage/addiction or sexual misconduct, bullying, harassment or hate crime.
  • Inspire Students - Inspire Student Wellbeing is your independent, confidential student counselling service, available to all students at Queen’s.

Disability Support

  • If you have a diagnosed disability or consider yourself as having a disability, you can get help by contacting Queen’s Disability Services.
  • Queen’s Students’ Union provides help and support for parents and carers, contact the or the Student Voice Team or Advice SU

Parents/Carers Support

Postgraduate Awards Team

Language Support